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AYRx (Aerial Yoga Rx) is the latest expression of therapeutics applied to the Aerial Yoga Play practice.  It is specifically designed to address injury, illness, and health concerns with the poses and sequences learned in the AYP program.  It is safe and effective for every level of experience and age.  You will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Use the interactive body model below to find the best video to meet your needs.  Simply click on the body part that you want to address, and a description with video will appear for you to experience.


Jen Healy, Founder of AerialYogaRx, has called upon her 20 years of experience as a prominent advanced healing practitioner as well as a seasoned yoga therapist to bring you the latest Regenerative Therapeutix technique which allows the body to heal quickly from injury or illness by utilizing the power of universal laws and simple scientific principles.

The AYRx practices are designed to be accessible for any level of experience- from active athletes to first-timers.  We are dedicated to creating an online environment that provides the help you need through the video portal, as well as offer you opportunities to practice in person when possible.  Our hope is these videos will support your growth, deepen your personal practice, and make your learning experience easier than ever.

WHY AerialYogaRx?

  • Align the spine & heal the back
  • Open the heart & heal the neck
  • Release tension & stress


This journey into AYRx and AerialYogaPlay is worth your time and energy.  Get to know the swing and tools, and we promise you, you will love it!


AerialYogaRx allows a combination of benefits similar to aerial yoga, pilates, suspended resistance training, acrobatics, and dance all rolled into one for an amazing suspended fitness experience. It allows for all the benefits of traditional yoga- flexibility, strength and balance – with the unique conditioning of aerial dance and acrobatics for an exhilarating new way of approaching yoga. 

Sculpt your body in the air, using our special yoga swings, as you tone muscles, find balance, and increase flexibility.  This particular version of Regenerative Therapeutix is very good for aligning, opening and releasing the spine.

We have many practice videos available for purchase. Here's a free sample:


Aerial Yoga Play has become the hottest new suspension therapeutic practice. Here are a few testimonials from our actual client reviews.

“Aerial Yoga Play is definitely the one practice that consistently leaves me feeling 10 – 20 years younger when I’m done. It gently opens up my body circuitry, that consistently seems to get blocked, due to aging, computer work and stress. Yoga begins to open up the circuitry with repeated practice, but with Aerial Yoga Play, the combination of Read More…

Since beginning to work with Jen several years ago, I’ve experienced levels of aliveness, joy, vitality, confidence and power beyond anything I would earlier have imagined possible.  Her empowerment coaching – an integral blend of mastery with language, bodywork, spiritual teachings, scientific knowledge, and insight into human potential – h Read More…

When I first met Jen Healy I was only interested in the therapeutics – I felt my daring days were done and did not think i was up to some of the acrobatics.   Fortunately I stayed with her and took her teacher training,  where I slowly realized that even the flips and tricks, when supported by the swings,  were still potenti Read More…