06 Jan 2017

Elizabeth M.

Since beginning to work with Jen several years ago, I’ve experienced levels of aliveness, joy, vitality, confidence and power beyond anything I would earlier have imagined possible.  Her empowerment coaching – an integral blend of mastery with language, bodywork, spiritual teachings, scientific knowledge, and insight into human potential – has impacted my health, work, relationships and sense of possibility.

Through the quality of her presence and example, and equipped with the tools she has shared with me, I am able to follow my passions, exercise even greater flexibility, choice, discernment and creativity in every moment, and meet life with an ever-expanding spirit of peace, center, curiosity and love.  As someone educated and working in the sciences, I am especially amazed by the way Jen seamlessly blends a deep knowledge of quantum physics, anatomy and physiology with a natural leadership, sense for business, and commitment to healing and thriving at the multiple levels of individual, society and planet.

Jen Healy