29 Dec 2016

Lori S.

When I first met Jen Healy I was only interested in the therapeutics – I felt my daring days were done and did not think i was up to some of the acrobatics.   Fortunately I stayed with her and took her teacher training,  where I slowly realized that even the flips and tricks, when supported by the swings,  were still potentially nurturing and healing and quite attainable!
I’ve had a love affair with yoga asana since 1992.  I experienced a joyous rhythm  of breath, body and spirit that truly felt like I had fully arrived in the human temple of being alive.
But as I approached menopause,  I began to lose the ease and fluidity that I had taken for granted, and began to enjoy my practice less and less. Backbends were no longer blissful,  tendonitis from aggressively pursuing arm balances and too many chaturangas,Then I took an Aerial Yoga Play class and in one hour,  I felt a revival of ease and a release of stagnation that something like receiving the most divine and magnificent session of  bodywork I had ever experienced.  And by the way, I have had the privilege of working with several of the most gifted hands on the planet.Most days, whether I am nursing an injury, a flu  or just plain tired, the swings offer such ease, comfort and tactile sweetness that  even just 5-10 minutes  helps to shift  me to a far happier place.The work on the swings is powerful,  and yet safe for almost Every Body.   Some Bodies take to the swings immediately like little swans on a lake,  and some Bodies experience strong shifts and detox reactions to the deep work that occurs.  I promise that if you can stick with it,  progress as slowly or quickly as necessary,  you will be rewarded with the power of a healing technology which will leave you hanging!!!!

Jen Healy