Suspended Somatics Therapy


~Spiral Energetix & Fluid Dynamic Movement with Supported Suspension~


Somatics describes any practice that uses the mind-body connection to help you survey your internal self and listen to signals your body sends about areas of pain, discomfort, or imbalance. These practices allow you to access more information about the ways you hold on to your experiences in your body. Somatic Therapists believe this knowledge, combined with natural movement and touch, can help you work toward healing and wellness.

Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience. The term is used in movement therapy to signify approaches based on the soma, or “the body as perceived from within.” Somatic techniques are typically used in bodywork, psychotherapy, dance, or spiritual practices

Suspension (with the AYRx Yoga Swing) is added to a massage table or soft surface to assist and support the ease of mobility through Spiral Energetix & Fluid Dynamic Movement. This swing/table combination that we call Suspended Somatics Therapy allows for a truly unique and profound experience of deepening into the non-linear edges of exploration within the “Interweb” Body Matrix and coming into full free flow expression of the Mind/Body/Emotional complex. 


We explore the Transformational Alchemy of Movement in a supportive environment. Receive personalized care & attention to your unique needs while experiencing the mind-body connection in new and profound ways in these customized deep-dive sessions with the swing/table combination.


We offer teacher trainings in Aerial Yoga Play (AYP), Regenerative Therapeutix Program (AYRx), and Suspended Somatics Therapy (SST).  There are opportunities to learn online or in person at live retreats/trainings.


Our high quality, locally made AYRx Yoga Swings are very supportive, stretchy, and comfortable.  They align align the spine and access going deeper into challenging poses, like backbends and inversions, with greater safety and ease.

Suspended Somatics Training

~Spiral Energetix & Fluid Dynamic Movement w/ Supported Suspension~

JAN 20-22nd 2023


w/ Jen Healy

 Beautifull Private Marin Location

Intro Fri 6-9pm & 12-6pm Sat/Sun



  • 5 Areas of Focus in the Body: Major Hubs
  • 12 Fluid & Dynamic Movements
  • Swing/Leg Loop Variations & Combinations
  • Application for Arms & Legs
  • Additional Sequences & Poses
  • Restorative Approach (Cocoon)
  • Discussion & Benefits



The Transformational Alchemy of Movement

Energetic and Movement Patterns that Influence Body/Mind/Emotion Complex

The Evolution of the Mind-Body Connection and Applied Modalites 

The Major Energetic Hubs of the Body and Holospheres

The Interweb & Quantum Fields: How Information Flows in the Body

Interstitial Fluids & Extracellular Matrix

Microbiome and Gut/Brain Communication

The Metaphysics of Metamorphosis

Biodynamic Tensegrity

Interfascial Plasticity



Why is the Swing/Table Combination so Effective?

Passive and Active Stretching with Suspension Techniques

Spacial & Spiral Dynamic Tension

Unraveling the Nervous System

Lymph & Fascia Fluid Interface

Assimilation/Integration of Energetic Patterns that cause Dysfunction

Hydration & Lubrication of Joints, Muscles, & Tissues

Improved Extracellular Communication


Expression of Energetic Information through Fluid Movement 


AYRx Regenerative Therapeutix & Suspended Somatics Therapy

~Spiral Energetix & Fluid Dynamic Movement with Supported Suspension~

“Aerial Yoga Play is definitely the one practice that consistently leaves me feeling 10 – 20 years younger when I’m done. It gently opens up my body circuitry, that consistently seems to get blocked, due to aging, computer work and stress. Yoga begins to open up the circuitry with repeated practice, but with Aerial Yoga Play, the combination of Read More…

Since beginning to work with Jen several years ago, I’ve experienced levels of aliveness, joy, vitality, confidence and power beyond anything I would earlier have imagined possible.  Her empowerment coaching – an integral blend of mastery with language, bodywork, spiritual teachings, scientific knowledge, and insight into human potential – h Read More…

When I first met Jen Healy I was only interested in the therapeutics – I felt my daring days were done and did not think i was up to some of the acrobatics.   Fortunately I stayed with her and took her teacher training,  where I slowly realized that even the flips and tricks, when supported by the swings,  were still potenti Read More…

Working with Jen Healy has been a miraculous turning point in my life. This exceptionally bright and spirited woman has taught me how to turn my life into an adventure and work of art by positively charging what I think, say, eat and do!

In her coaching, Jen Healy provides an unusual mix of healing technologies (from high tech healing machines t Read More…

What differentiates Jen from many practitioners is her ability to heal issues from a multi-faceted, integrative holistic approach that effectively address the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects that may manifest as issues in one realm, but in actuality are deeply rooted in multiple realms. Her services are very unique in that she off Read More…

Her coaching skills have proven to be an essential part of my healing process, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually, and I look forward to her continued guidance. She is a blessing given to us. I hope more people have the opportunity to experience the focused intent and loving dedication she brings to her practice.

Jen has been wo Read More…

I have been working with Jen Healy for the past 10 years consistently and she is quite honestly one of the most incredible women I have ever worked with.
I have been doing her empowerment courses for the past 4 years. She infuses her amazing knowledge of science with a spiritual practice that enhances success in every aspect of a person’s life.
Read More…

I’m 33 years old, from Argentina. 6 years ago I lost my speech and mobility and was misdiagnosed with MS, after searching on my own I find out that my actual illness was Lyme disease and co-infections. After I started seeing a holistic doctor in the US I have improved a lot! Went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane… to… nothing! The progn Read More…

To date, my practice, under Jen’s guidance, has been the single most effective aspect of a wider treatment plan that I have put into place. When I found Jen, I had improved roughly 50% from the worst level of this disease. While I’m still in danger from this often terminal affliction, I can say that I am now 85% improved. Jen’s knowledge of p Read More…

“I love the swing because, with my back injury, the sequences takes all the pressure off my lower back. This is so great, thanks again Jen for offering this wonderful opportunity to practice with you.”

EXPERIENCE Suspended Somatics Therapy

Come experience the Transformational Alchemy of Suspended Somatics!

We have in-person teacher trainings for certification AND private sessions available.

Instead of focusing on poses, in this unique practice, we work with various supported and suspended movements that can stimulate fluid and spiral dynamics that will mobilize and hydrate the tissue/cells/fascia that connects all the joints, bones, muscles, and skin. 

We concentrate on the two main hubs of the body where the lymph system intersect:

Neck/Shoulders & Lower Back/Hips

Specifically, it is the groin and underarms where congestion often occurs in the energy lines and lymph nodes creating stagnation in the circulation, detoxification, and oxygenation of the surrounding areas.

Experience the many benefits of these supported suspended movements:

  • Lubricating the joints 
  • Hydrating and manipulating the fascia 
  • Stimulating the lymph 
  • Boosting the energy flow in the body 
  • Opening up circulation to soft tissue
  • Activating cellular communication
  • Clearing energetic pathways & meridian points