30 Day Meditation Challenge


The #1 tool that I have found to be the most powerful in my life experience has been meditation.  I have created these “Quantum Theta Healyng” guided meditations for you to learn a new way to meditate with over 64 “Core Activation” techniques.  These tools with enhance your body’s ability to heal itself as well as calm the mind and boost your spirit.

Our empowerment tools are designed to help you relieve stress, create a deeper relationship to Source, and clear out the internal clutter.

Get your vitality, power, and passion back with these simple and easy practices to transform “busy, stressed, and tired” into fulfilled, satisfied, and inspired.



In this 30-day challenge, you will learn over 64 techniques to deepen your meditation experience. These techniques consist of Core Activation practices to clear, align, and release any “stuck” energies in your field so you can feel more connected, energized, and at peace. A natural healing process will occur as old energies leave your system making space for greater clarity, presence and insight. The basis of these meditations come from my personal experiences and “downloads” I receive in the meditation process. I feel strongly called to share these techniques with you in hopes that YOUR meditation experience can be more enjoyable as well as powerful.

Since every person will have a unique take on the techniques, I encourage you to use your imagination and make them your own by interpreting them through your lens of perception. My higher Self/Spirit speaks to me in images and analogy, so feel free to use these practices as inspiration to find your own set of techniques. Most importantly, I wish for you to fall in love with the meditation process and make it a daily habit of connection you look forward to doing!


Every day I will share a 15-20 min. video with you via YouTube.  After watching, I will encourage you to practice the new techniques. This entire daily practice will only take 30 minutes. I encourage you to practice first thing in the am or last thing as night.
The simple step-by-step instructions in these guide meditations are appropriate for any level of experience. If you are a long-time meditator, you may find these techniques a wonderful compliment to your personal practice. If your new to meditation, you will have lots of tools to try out. Each day will build on itself, so by the end of the 30 days, you will have learned over 64 Core Activation Techniques. Wow!

Start HERE for the 30-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE.  If you enjoy the experience, there will be an opportunity to practice more together.

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As the founder and CEO of Zen Healyng and Healyng Technologies, she offers over 18 years of experience bringing together the best information and excellence in “Quantum Energetics,” Energy Management, Advanced Body Therapy, Conscious Movement, Empowerment and Evolutionary practices.

Jen Healy started out in the hard sciences with advanced degrees in Physics and Engineering. While in grad school some 20 years ago, she had a profound spiritual awakening that drastically changed her outlook on life and her career direction. Through a series of major injuries, she went on a quest to find real solutions and alternatives to bring humans back into Optimal Radiant Health.
She is dedicated to advancing the healing arts through a blending of somatics, meditation, and spirituality with the sciences.  Her love for sacred geometry and quantum physics inform and inspire her work.  She strives to be a living embodied example of Feminine Power & a cosmic-cheerleader for the Conscious (R)evolution to awaken the mind-body-soul connection.

Some of her latest creative endeavors include pioneering programs like The Quantum Playground, AYRx: Regenrative Therapeutix, AerialYogaPlay, AYRx Yoga Swings, Quantum Theta Healyng Meditations, & The Empowerment Course: 12 Success Principles to Transform your Life






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