29 Dec 2016

Lucy L.

What differentiates Jen from many practitioners is her ability to heal issues from a multi-faceted, integrative holistic approach that effectively address the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects that may manifest as issues in one realm, but in actuality are deeply rooted in multiple realms. Her services are very unique in that she offers integrated solutions and services to comprehensively address and heal client issues.

Jen has demonstrated uncanny psychic accuracy in multiple instances in identifying the underlying condition plaguing my body or mind; yet she is also a master technologist with an electrical engineering degree who understands cutting edge technology and how to use it to heal the cells of the body. What is so impressive is the breadth of knowledge and experience (based on 15 years of working with thousands of clients), Jen has to provide very effective solutions — be it nutritional, supplemental, spiritual, physical, etc.– to heal the issue once and for all.

For example, my car accident injuries and pain have improved significantly as a result of her bodywork, nutritional guidance with supplementation, use of her healing technologies, her guidance in how to manage my vibration through thoughts and beliefs, her healing meditations, and her empowerment teachings/coaching skills. It’s understandable to me why many people make limited progress with one-dimensional approaches, as I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of, and need for, a multi-dimensional and comprehensive vantage point to healing and empowerment.

On a personal and professional level, Jen has also proven herself to be impeccably conscious with the utmost integrity, ethics, and professionalism; she blesses others with her unwavering commitment to service to others and humanity as part of her own pursuit of evolution and expansion of her soul and spirit. I cannot recommend Jen enough to others, for those who have the opportunity to experience and benefit from her work are truly fortunate.
~Lucy L., Corporate Strategy Leader, Intuitive Healer

Jen Healy