29 Dec 2016

Aruna A.

Working with Jen Healy has been a miraculous turning point in my life. This exceptionally bright and spirited woman has taught me how to turn my life into an adventure and work of art by positively charging what I think, say, eat and do!

In her coaching, Jen Healy provides an unusual mix of healing technologies (from high tech healing machines to no tech organic nutritional wisdom). She combines her engineering background and mathematic skills (which are exceptional) with intuition and her finely tuned ability to read and shift energies. Her own devotion to her spiritual practices infuses her intellectual brilliance with a loving heart–a rare blend indeed!

In addition to all that, she designs yogic playground equipment and gets clients moving their bodies in a way that is healthy, joyful and so highly creative.

When I first met Jen, I was in a middle aged mess. The usual suspects–divorce, money problems, etc had raised my stress levels and dimmed my light. Since putting into practice what Jen has taught me in her coaching and courses, I have become joyful, healthy, empowered, I have more money in the bank and every day more miracles occur. I only wish I had met and worked with her sooner. She is gifted and one of the best gifts I’ve ever received!

~Aruna A., Inventor/Business Owner/Leader in Movement and Exercise

Jen Healy