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Become a Certified Aerial Yoga Play Teacher… Online!

We now offer Basic, Intermediate, AND Advanced online training courses, each a 6-hour certification program. In the Basic AYP Course, you will learn how to teach a beginner level class. The Intermediate AYP Training will prepare you to teach a level II class. The Advanced training is designed to take your practice to the next level. These courses can be completed at your own pace, in your own time… online!

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BASIC                   INTERMEDIATE              ADVANCED 

Practice from home

Take this course from anywhere, at anytime, from the comfort of your own home.

All levels

This practice is suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

Optimal Health

Learn 55 therapeutic & restorative “Yoga Translations” to open, align, and release the spine.

Aerial Yoga Play is the hottest new therapeutic suspension training course online

In this online training program, there is something for everyone.  All ages and experience levels welcome.  Whether your goal is to teach classes, offer private sessions, or improve your own practice, you will enjoy this new online training platform.

Floating & Flying


Supported Back Bends


Supported Inversions

"Upside down dog"



We have over 250 certified teachers from around the world. Join our growing team!

"I am a completely different person then when I started practicing. I have strength, confidence, I have a strong posture and good alignment, I have stability and mobility, and great range of motion in my joints, great flexibility and ease of movement."
John Saul
"This has been a truly transformative and beautiful journey for me both physically and spiritually. The combination of using the AYRx swing and Jen Healy’s effective teaching videos geared toward beginners, was the best pathway for me to be able to reach my health and fitness goals. I am pain free and feel comfortable in my body. I have toned and slimmed down where I can now comfortably fit in my clothes."
Sue Rockwood
Business owner
"My whole spine and especially the thoracic area is always very happy to support and lift the heart in this way. Doing this first thing in the morning gives me a sense of space and alignment for everything else I ask of my body!"
Lori Soloman
Yoga teacher