29 Dec 2016

John S.

To date, my practice, under Jen’s guidance, has been the single most effective aspect of a wider treatment plan that I have put into place. When I found Jen, I had improved roughly 50% from the worst level of this disease. While I’m still in danger from this often terminal affliction, I can say that I am now 85% improved. Jen’s knowledge of physiology, mind-body connection and intuition make her a valuable asset to anyone wanting to improve their health, get back in touch with a balanced mind/body state or recover after a debilitating event.

I have been working with Jen for the better part of a year to improve my condition as I try to push a serious and painful disease into remission. There is not yet a “cure” in Western Medicine terms for this disease, known as systemic sclerosis, or “scleroderma.” The disease has proven to be physically and mentally debilitating.

Jen Healy