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  1. Please note: After you sign up for the free trial membership, you will be able to access the course information under the main menu for membership, then go to to find the Online Courses. Thank you for signing up!

  2. Looking forward to trying this out.

    1. Fantastic! Glad you have received the holiday gift;)

  3. Hey i am going through a huge turning point in my life and am pertty much trying to take myself back and redefine myself in a better more positive life, love , family, i guess really try to be in recovery but believe that i have a great healthy positive stable foundation to grow from… is what i really what i am searching for. I believe in yoga andit can be great for me but need a lil kick start motivation!!

    1. All these tools are here to help! Hope you find them useful. Thx Jenn for the message and share:)

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