30 Nov 2016

Gold Membership

All-access to our Empowerment Coaching & Meditation Courses. Includes Transformational Training Program.

Jen Healy


  1. Please note: After you sign up for the free trial membership, you will be able to access the course information under the main menu for membership, then go to http://aerialyogarx.com/account/?action=courses to find the Online Courses. Thank you for signing up!

  2. Looking forward to trying this out.

    1. Fantastic! Glad you have received the holiday gift;)

  3. Hey i am going through a huge turning point in my life and am pertty much trying to take myself back and redefine myself in a better more positive life, love , family, i guess really try to be in recovery but believe that i have a great healthy positive stable foundation to grow from… is what i really what i am searching for. I believe in yoga andit can be great for me but need a lil kick start motivation!!

    1. All these tools are here to help! Hope you find them useful. Thx Jenn for the message and share:)

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