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Deep Dive & Reset Retreat

June 12, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - June 14, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

June 12-14
Private Davis Sanctuary
Multiple Retreat Options:
*One Day Deep Dive
*3-day Full Quantum Recalibration


Immerse yourself in a transformational rejuvenation weekend in Nestled in Northern California.

Join us for a special Quantum Healyng Meta-cine Journey with this 1-day deep dive ceremonial experience in Davis, or stay for a full 3-day integration and Quantum Recalibration of your Biosphere.

Using Quantum Healyng Techniques (QHT), AYRx Yoga Swings and plant medicine elixirs, Jen Healy and friends are hosting a quantum experience full of soul-expanding festivities, connection, Holo-pranic breath work, and Source/Self explorations.

This very special weekend is designed to be a small, private, intimate quantum experiment in a beautiful retreat home where you’ll be well taken care of for 3 days to experience the opening of new portals, connecting with Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, and your Higher Self; The Self that knows no boundaries and is ONE with all that there is.


Dive, Leap, Fly

The winds of transformation in the air! A well of deep feelings longing to be acknowledged. A persistent knock at the heart door. A quickening of the spirit…the fluttering of fledgling wings.

Well, we’re all in this together, and we’re all feeling it, big time. You could say that this most recent period of historically unprecedented, internationally-enforced retreat has created a sort of “soul emergency” for everyone who wants to wake up, show up, and grow up into the most brilliant, fully realized version of themselves in this lifetime. We prefer to see this urgent call to freedom not so much as an “emergency” to fear and recoil from but as a necessary growing edge of “soul emerging” to welcome and celebrate.

We invite you to consciously support your own process by giving yourself the gift of an environment where your birth into this new reality can be midwifed lovingly with expertly-facilitated guidance:

  • one-on-one support with QHHT master practitioner Jen Healy & AYRx Yoga Swings founder/creatrix, plus daily Quantum Healyng Group Transmissions and Core Activation Meditations.
  • integrative breathwork and pair-share drop-ins with Mindful Schools educator and Amba Movement facilitator Ellen Anderson
  • powerful healing plant medicine journey with Chad Ashley Vandenberg (specializing in Kambo, the Amazonian frog medicine)
  • immunity-boosting organic superfoods and delicious meals
  • alkaline, electrolyte-enhanced Kangen water (for deep hydration)
  • hot/cold therapy in an ozonated, lightly chlorinated cedar hot tub and cold lap pool
  • innovative attachment-theory-based/re-birthing support with the AYRx Yoga Swing “cocooning” experience
  • music, meditative dance, and more


One day deep dive on Saturday includes all of the activations, meals, ceremony, and support for $444

ALL meals & accommodations included in the price of $999 for the 3 days!


Our days begin with Quantum Healyng Guided Meditations followed by group Source Healyng exercises, QHHT Transmissions, and interactive play-shops. We serve all meals packed with delicious super-nutrients and love.

Afternoons are free for retreat participants to explore, soak, swing, and venture off for nature walks or just chill & relax by the pool. The AYRx Yoga Swings will be available throughout the weekend to cocoon, meditate, nap, or play!

Group Dinner Integration will be offered around the Bonfire.

Festivities range from Dance Parties, Playshops, Discussions, Group Transmissions, Integration Circles, and Meta-Medicine Ceremonies.



Quiet, peaceful and spacious serene environment with cedar hot tub, pool, swings, and nature

What’s included

  • one-on-one support and integration time
    *daily classes/playshops including swings, breathwork, meditation & transmissions
    *Organic, vegetarian, healthy meals & superfoods (w/ vegan & GF options by request)
    *Group Transmissions & Healyng sessions
  • Accommodations
  • Special Kambo Ceremony
  • Interactive festivities including dance parties, hot tubs, bonfires, and stargazing.
  • Plenty of time to rest & relax!



Jen Healy is a leader in “Quantum Energetics.” She has focused her mastery on bridging the gap between science, spirituality, and the healing arts.  She combines her Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Physics with numerous wisdom tools from Eastern and Western philosophies to offer a unique style of Being Engineering and Energy Management.

As the founder and CEO of Zen Healyng and Healyng Technologies, she offers over 20 years of experience bringing together the best information and excellence in Quantum Healyng Technologies, Energetics/Energy Management, Advanced Body Therapy, Conscious Movement, Empowerment and Evolutionary practices.

Her retreats seamlessly weave together all of her knowledge and experience to offer a truly Integrative, Informative, and Deeply Transformative Experience. She will be integrating new tools and techniques from her latest certification as a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner (from Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy) as well as numerous other Healing Modalities.


Ellen Anderson is a certified Amba Movement and Mindful Schools facilitator. She completed her Ashtanga yoga teacher training with yoga pioneer David Swenson in 2006, and has also facilitated cleanses and lead emotional processing and innovative breathwork sessions for small groups for over a decade now. In her ongoing desire to heal and know the truth, she studied Tibetan Buddhism at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Kathmandu and at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. Her training has also included working as a volunteer for the Jungian-inspired workshops put on by the Awareness Institute in Sacramento, CA.

She deeply enjoys helping people cleanse and rebuild their systems with healing foods, nourishing wild herbs, deep breathing, and meditative movement. She finds that once people discover a pathway deep into their body’s sensations, far beneath the story level, a profound inner wisdom emerges and reveals itself. This wisdom is the realization that each of us is only love, whole, and perfect.

Kambo will be offered by Chad Ashley Vandenberg. He has spent the last 20 years diving deep into learning and practicing a variety of psychosomatic and spiritual transformation modalities and techniques including. Holotropic Breathwork, frequency medicine, natural herbs, medicine, super-foods, cellular healing/regeneration/anti-aging, neuro-bio-feedback training, hypnotherapy, meditation, raw foods, cleansing, radionics, ayahuasca, Vedic soma, and Agnihotra.

Chad typically works with the Kambo in a quiet, meditative, neo-shamanic way with very little fanfare as he allows the kambo to do its work while he supports and guides the external process so that kambo work its magic most efficiently.



Kambo is a powerful detoxification protocol first used by ancient Amazonian
Tribes. It works on many levels, but on the absolute surface level, it is used to
increase the body’s natural ability to heal itself by eliminating toxins through the lymphatic system and fortifying the immune system. Read more here about the benefits…

From the day we are born into this world, our conscious mind divides experiences into pleasure and pain. Often times especially now our culture the pain is not processed to resolution and instead is filed in a file cabinet in the subconscious mind. These heavy thoughts grow in number and the subconscious mind over the course of a lifetime until the filing cabinet is so heavy that people have forgotten what it means to be light like a child. Kambo comes in and dumps the filing cabinet of stored negative thoughts feelings and subconscious programs. Because the body is the bio-computer that stores all these files, the Kambo ceremony often includes purging these programs located in the organs and cellular tissues at various places in the body. This often results in incredible physical healing wellness and transformation when nothing else worked.

The real miracle of Kambo though is not during the experience but during the weeks and months that follow.  We create our reality in alignment with our subconscious mind, and because Kambo clears so many layers of the subconscious mind people begin naturally manifesting more in alignment with their soul and their highest potential as a human. Many have reported that depression disappeared, addictions were no longer attractive, and they have far more energy focus and motivation than ever before.


1 DAY EVENT SCHEDULE: 8am to 10pm Saturday 6.13

3 DAY EVENT TIME: 4pm Friday 6.12 to 4pm Sunday 6.14


8am Guided QHT Meditation

10am Group Source Healyng/Transmissions/Breathwork

12pm Ceremony

2pm Private sessions/Integration time/Lunch

4pm Outdoor Swing & Soak Sessions

6pm Dinner

8pm Bon Fire/Transmissions/Integration



Prepare for a weekend of transformation like nothing you have ever experienced, as we come together to take advantage of the rare opportunities presented by this transition from separation and isolation into re-connection and emergence!

We are delighted to share with you this safe container (for which our “cocoons” are an apt metaphor) to complete your emergence into “the new you.” This retreat is for those few brave souls who are willing to dive deep into a profound let-go experience of radical emotional and physical cleansing, to incubate their soulful selves in a cocoon of empowered self-creatorship, and to take flight into a quantum world of limitless possibility!

If something deep inside of you is whispering “yes!” to this unique and limited opportunity, don’t hesitate, save your spot now, space is strictly limited.

The time is now, and regardless of how things may appear on the surface, the energies on our planet have never been more supportive of those who long authentically for real healing and transformation. As many around us descend into internal chaos, shutdown, and despair, we encourage you to use this opportunity to delve into what’s REALLY going on, beneath the veil, beneath the surface, so that you can emerge from this transitional time as a fuller expression of the brilliant light you truly are, that we ALL truly are, at the core.


**One day deep dive full ceremonial immersion for $444

**SPECIAL: $999 all-inclusive 3-day experience!

SIGN UP HERE:  https://jenhealy.org/product/davis-deep-dive/ ‎


**All retreats are fully refundable due to uncertainty in travel and restrictions until August 2020**


June 12, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
June 14, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
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Private Davis Sanctuary


Jen Healy